Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pierogies with Turkey Bacon

Category: Pasta | Difficulty: Easy

No Words Wednesday!!

Just a Yummy Dish! ENJOY!!!

2 c. flour
1/2 tsp. salt
4 potatoes
3 slices American cheese
2 eggs
3 to 4 tbsp. water
2 tbsp. butter
Salt and pepper to taste

OR use Conte's Gluten Free Potato Onion Pierogi (follow the instructions on the bag and then use the topping below); you can purchase this from my gourmet shoppe here.

For Topping:
1/2 lb. turkey bacon, fry and cut in pieces
1 onion, finely chopped
Roasted red peppers, sliced thinly

Beat eggs slightly and add flour, salt, and a little water to make soft dough. Knead until smooth. Put on floured board to rest and cover with glass bowl for 1 hour. Meantime, boil cut up potatoes. Drain; add butter, cheese, salt, and pepper. Let cheese melt on potatoes and mash. (Do not add milk.) Roll out dough about 1/16 inch. Cut into 2 inch squares and put in potato filling (about 1 tablespoon); make into triangle. Bring salted water (2 tablespoons) to boil. Put in Pierogi and boil rapidly for about 8 minutes.

Saute onion in butter and let butter get golden brown. After Pierogi is boiled and drained in colander, pour butter and onion mixture on the Pierogi and then top with crumbled bacon and red peppers.

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