Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm Still Here.

I haven't forgotten you. I've just been so busy I can hardly see straight. I'm working on several new projects at the same time. You'll get announcements soon. It's taking a lot of my time away, but I take you everywhere I go. And over this past weekend when I had a little time on my hands in between my deadlines, I visited some of my fellow bloggers and a few of them hadn't posted anything in months and in some cases years.

I had to admit I was sad and I wondered if they've lost their fervor or inspiration. I can understand that, it's hard coming up with new, exciting things to keep your audiences engaged. There were times I have struggled with that too. But, then I think of all those months and years of work I did with the look and feel and then the content research for starting ORMG and it would be hard to abandon all that now. You want to share your craft and you hope that someone will appreciate your efforts and that's all you can hope for. So, here I am at 3:00 AM writing this because I didn't want you to feel I've left you forever. I'm still here.

It's getting pretty hot here in Florida and it's the time where I don't cook as much. I just don't like standing over my hot stove for long hours in the summertime here. It's exhausting. So, I look for easy and quick dishes. I was thinking of how much I enjoy sandwiches and appetizer platters. Even though we eat lighter around this time, I still love to play with combinations, presentations, and hubby appreciates this so here's some ideas of for this week:

In my house this is called a gourmet sandwich, haa haaa with chicken, tomatoes, lettuce on grilled bread with a toothpick to keep it all together! This will fill us up!

A lunch meat platter that we can eat alongside some veggies

Add in some fruit and veggies, lettuce for salad or making sandwiches and you've got a feast! We have a breakfast bar in our kitchen that overlaps into the living room, so I have all this counter space. I can lay out platters just like at a buffet and hubby and I eat off this the whole day.

More lunch meat, but a cheese platter with fruits too. I like the idea of eating smaller meals throughout the day than three BIG meals, that's actually been helping me with my healthier me project.

Instead of french fries and white or wheat bread, mix it up a bit. Onion rings make a great substitute. I like using vidalias a lot and they turn out really good and sweet tasting too.
Now...what's for dessert?

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