Welcome to my Kitchen Series

Welcome to the "Welcome to my Kitchen" series! This is the official page to view videos I've done and to get alerts on upcoming video segments, titles, announcements and more! I do enjoy doing videos in my kitchen though it takes a LOT of time so hopefully I'll be back to it soon!

- Some ideas I'm thinking of for future videos:

  • My BEST Cheeseburger - I have a yummy recipe for making the best cheeseburger I've ever made and I'd love to share the ingredients I use.
  • The Perfect White Rice - This little trick I learned from Claire Robinson on Food Network and it works everytime for the fluffiest, white rice ever!
Older Videos:

Welcome to My Kitchen Final Week, Video 1: See Me on Video! from Kim McDougal on Vimeo.
This month I'm welcoming you into my kitchen so you can see the ingredients I simply can't live without! For my final week, I thought I'd videotape myself so you can see me in action! This is Part I, so tell me what you think! I'd love to hear from you!

Welcome to My Kitchen Final Week: VIDEO 2 Prepping & Cutting! from Kim McDougal on Vimeo.
In this 2nd segment, I show you how I like to clean and cut up leeks, onions and potatoes to make a quick lunch for myself!!!

Welcome to My Kitchen Final Week, LAST VIDEO: The Cook Cooks! from Kim McDougal on Vimeo.
Featured in my last video of Welcome to My Kitchen, I whip up a quick sauteed onions with turkey dogs and show the beginnings of how I cook my potatoes after preparing them from video #2! Enjoy!

Welcome to My Kitchen for May 2009 from Kim McDougal on Vimeo.
In this segment, I demonstrate making a quick pan mushroom gravy to go over buttered biscuits and an easy appetizer!

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I LOVE food photography. Check out "Beautiful Food", a blog devoted to drool-worthy pics of food. You'll see finished meals, raw ingredients, maybe even place settings that should make your eyes water!

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